Burn Sky Until We See Lines

Don’t worry I am not trading in my Betty Crocker ways for Leaving Las Vegas. Burn sky until we see lines is a Star Wars term, likely uttered by the handsome Hans Solo. It means to fly until you get to hyperspace.  I am not a Star Wars junky by any means but I did grow up with Luke, Hans, Jabba, and my Ewoks. I recently found a blog post all about the lingo. In this post he breaks it down in how George Lucas may have formed words. I then found this site of Star Wars terms. As pointed out it the original post I read, Lucas builds on our own language, like codger meaning an old man, and other languages such as Latin and Spanish.

It was an amazing article for me because, like most writers, I aspire to that one great story to set me apart from the fabric of time. The story that will make me the J.K. Rowling of my generation. Yet!, to be set apart, so should your language, your lingo!

When I read The Tale of Despereaux by Jamie Michalak to my boys a few years ago it was an easy read because the way she manipulated language and story telling. It sucked us in on page one with, “Come a little closer” because we knew, something was about to happen! It was like laying on Grandma’s feather mattresses and listening as she made of stories of little people in a land we could only find on the first day of Spring. Yes, I have a Storyteller’s blood in me, just trying to find the voice.

The Giver by Lois Lowry was the hardest read for me! The first three chapters I was so detached. Then all of a sudden it was like Whoa!! something is happening! That was in middle school, now there is a movie out and I learn that it was the first in a trilogy. The second book was even  more confusing and the third book ties everything together. (So says a favorite bearded friend who teaches science) I want, but cannot suffer through the second book to get to the third. Although, reading them as an adult when it isn’t required might make the difference!





One word that meant nothing in the English language until an author made it up. Sure you could throw together a bunch of vowels and constants but unless your reader can connect it to something, even if it is a reach, it means nothing. Muggle, you can just feel some days your muggle through work. Lorax, Lore plus ax, the story is about not cutting down the forest.

So don’t be a Fraidee-frog, you are not Force Forsaken if you cannot make your own language. Just wait, like I do, for those half a heart beat thoughts between falling asleep at night and waking in the morning. That is where my Muse waits. Little Duriet!



Find your Friendly in the Blogging Community

How easy it is to sit down and be clickety-clacking about on the keyboard, lost in our own world! Especially on those days when our Muse has allowed us to sleep and we wake refreshed ready to let out our inner ideals to the world through our blog. Yet we shouldn’t forget the backbone of blogging, other bloggers! If you find yourself in a rut then branch out and check some tags and categories of those who you normally wouldn’t. I decided to figure out what this freshly pressed tab was all about under Reader. I found myself in four completely unrelated areas but found each one interesting. I commented, liked and started following blogs I normally may miss. Thus getting my friendly on!

Here was my favorite of the four: Make a new word to further your fiction. Whereas being born in 1978 I grew up with Luke as my boyfriend and snuggled my Ewok at night, I have to admit I am just an ordinary Muggle. I needed this article in my life! I’ve had an idea for a story but thought ugh, its so been done. What better way of making it unique than using his suggestions? He put time in this one so enjoy!

Another was something every new Mom needs to read because guess what? We don’t have to love every minute of a crying, snotting baby! Laud have mercy! I love the way she candidly puts it out there. The thoughts many of us have but feel if we share everyone will think we have Post-partum depression and not leave us alone with the baby. (No offense meant to Moms who go thru it, after my brood I know the feelings!)

So you have toddlers too? Did you know Sesame Street has a character with Autism? I didn’t and not only that but I never would have thought of how someone with Autism may view this character either! This writer gives us an open letter to Sesame Street to shed some light on the Oops made by our favorite educational show.

Finally I happened upon a new word: Pantser. Boy do I know this word! Someone who flies by the seat of their pants. Like a few of us have done, or do on a regular I read along as this writer struggles with a novel where characters and plots are not fully developed. Writing as a Pantser. Have a look and send some love! We have all been there!

Until next time!

Howdy Friends!

Peace, Love and Puppies!