Best Humpday Headway so far!


LOOK at all this progress!!!!


All because Husband went and got me a couple windows! This is how it feels when a spouse validates your dreams. Shazam!

As I started to bring things into the shed I looked at Husband and said, “I forsee a problem in the next few days as you see just how big my hoard is.” He thinks I’m joking when I say I own half of Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics.


Of course he wasn’t sure on my first bit of wall décor but this is MY space after all.

Official  Announcement

Last Friday was my last day babysitting on a full time basis. It means I now have no gas money or extra but it means I get to pursue my artwork full time! So look forward to seeing better writing and more updates from me. I plan on Humpday Headway, a day I just update you on things I’m building, painting, or repurposing. It will be all about the Art Shed. Friday is Teacher Tidbits, a day I post little ideas that can be used in the classroom or even at home to help your students/children succeed. Monday I am dedicating to getting to know my fellow writers. I have missed so many great blogs over the last few months! Tuesday and Thursday will be all about big pieces I’m working on as far as writing. This means if I do post on one of these days it was most likely something I spent some time preparing for you, dear reader!


Apparently I am Human

Dropped the ball

Bit off more than I could chew

Too many irons in the fire

Yes, this is me! As a functioning adult I do not seem to always function very well. During the month of November I took on Writing 101 and Blogging 101 through WordPress. Loved it! Could not keep up! These were free courses offered to help new bloggers get into their writing and understand the blogging community. It is also for experienced bloggers to hone skills. I wasn’t thinking about Thanksgiving, the 6+2 kids, or new orders coming in for dolls.

It was something I was doing for me and of course it got pushed to the back burner. Just like diet, exercise, meditation, and even my business. I also am very aware that I am taking on more and anything I can get my hands on to avoid the hard feelings. The grief of losing my father-in-law, the void created by my oldest moving out, and the scared deer in the headlight feeling freezing me in my tracks over the guy my daughter is dating.

I did fairly well keeping up with blogging 101. It was an awesome way to figure out how the site works from commenting to publishing my own page. Writing 101 gave great pointers on keeping the writing juices flowing. Both courses offered a commons area where we could all ask questions and post our links to the things we were writing. Feedback is a major part of blogging and knowing that you are part of this awesome community of writers and readers is a great place to hide for an hour or two if you can spare it.

I plan on retaking the writing 101 on its own in the future when I can focus. Maybe January or February when there is nothing to do outside and its too cold to go anywhere.

Hump Day Headway

blog on

Blogging and Potty training. Real Life People!

So it isn’t Wednesday you say?

Yes, I did know that, but this is to set a goal. As we all know to set a goal and actually attain it you should tell others and gain support. So starting Wednesday I will have Hump Day Headway.

What shall it entail?

When I started branding my Art Shed it originated from my husband relinquishing control of a had-been chicken coop for me to transform into an art studio. However, he wants nothing to do with it so that means no help cleaning out his mess, hanging shelves, or gaining electricity, which would be nice for heat right about now. So every Wednesday you can look forward to seeing pictures or stories of the life and times as I try to go from disorganized craft hoarder to a bonafide Artist!

For now, enjoy the weekend! I’m going to find this kid some pants! (so he can just take them off again!)

Find your Friendly in the Blogging Community

How easy it is to sit down and be clickety-clacking about on the keyboard, lost in our own world! Especially on those days when our Muse has allowed us to sleep and we wake refreshed ready to let out our inner ideals to the world through our blog. Yet we shouldn’t forget the backbone of blogging, other bloggers! If you find yourself in a rut then branch out and check some tags and categories of those who you normally wouldn’t. I decided to figure out what this freshly pressed tab was all about under Reader. I found myself in four completely unrelated areas but found each one interesting. I commented, liked and started following blogs I normally may miss. Thus getting my friendly on!

Here was my favorite of the four: Make a new word to further your fiction. Whereas being born in 1978 I grew up with Luke as my boyfriend and snuggled my Ewok at night, I have to admit I am just an ordinary Muggle. I needed this article in my life! I’ve had an idea for a story but thought ugh, its so been done. What better way of making it unique than using his suggestions? He put time in this one so enjoy!

Another was something every new Mom needs to read because guess what? We don’t have to love every minute of a crying, snotting baby! Laud have mercy! I love the way she candidly puts it out there. The thoughts many of us have but feel if we share everyone will think we have Post-partum depression and not leave us alone with the baby. (No offense meant to Moms who go thru it, after my brood I know the feelings!)

So you have toddlers too? Did you know Sesame Street has a character with Autism? I didn’t and not only that but I never would have thought of how someone with Autism may view this character either! This writer gives us an open letter to Sesame Street to shed some light on the Oops made by our favorite educational show.

Finally I happened upon a new word: Pantser. Boy do I know this word! Someone who flies by the seat of their pants. Like a few of us have done, or do on a regular I read along as this writer struggles with a novel where characters and plots are not fully developed. Writing as a Pantser. Have a look and send some love! We have all been there!

Until next time!

Howdy Friends!

Peace, Love and Puppies!

Me, me, me, me …. A Tooting of Thy Horn

Welcome to what I hope will become my own little corner of the internet! A place to share creative, artistic ideas and laugh at ourselves along the way. I am a busy Mom to say the least. I had three children, married a man with two older daughters, we had one together, then gained guardianship of two of his grand-daughters. For those of you who love common core math and Jerry Springer that was easy. For the rest of you, I have five in the house currently and babysit two more. So finding time to set up my website, brand my art, and blog has been a goal a year to realize.

My website, is a place for my art to be seen and I don’t really know what else. My purpose is still foggy but I’m rolling it over in my over loaded mind.

One thing I have accomplished, and am quite proud of is branding myself. I’m not much of a twitter-er, but I am active in other social media so first I went thru all my accounts and used my name or my website as a username.

Etsy JenniferParkerArt

eBay JenniferParkerArtShed

Instagram Jennifer.Parker

Facebook Jennifer Parker Art Shed

Then of course I made business cards for passing out at craft shows, flea markets, and Kroger. Ok, maybe not Kroger but having cards made me feel official.

When I went to wordpress I wanted to have both a website and a blog. I want to blog so I can connect with other parents or artists who have a passion but no time. Where do you find it? What has been the best thing for you? It seems our lives just get busier and more hectic and our dreams seem to take the back seat. Why do we do this to ourselves? I know as a Mother, my focus is my children. Their needs, housework, and a serious lack of energy seem to always slow me down in working on my artwork. My Grandfather always told me if I could find the humor in a rough situation it would get easier. Boy, was he ever right! I laugh at myself all the time, and days I don’t laugh at something are usually the days I go to bed more tired and beat down. Live, Laugh, Love…the over used words of fold art that mean so much!