Reborn Dolls

2 thoughts on “Reborn Dolls

  1. I had just bought one of your Pearl kit gorillas from Vendor Village in Terrible Haute, the day before I had posted pics of your glass case there to a group that shares “weird things” found in second hand stores, the public in the facebook group went NUTS over them! Loads of people asking how much and where they were, so I have let them know! I’d like to try my hand at customizing some dolls like that myself… Thanks for putting such awesome stuff out there! 🙂


    • You have no idea how happy this post makes me! I was seriously just telling my husband that I was about to take the dolls out because since I put them in there, no one has been buying out of the case. I love the dolls and the reaction is always that they are loved or creepy. Haha! Bountiful Baby is the best place to start, then Dolls so Real has nice kits too.


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