Opinions from an Non-political Person


I’m going to give you my disclaimer first, I have never been a very well educated person when it comes to politics or government. As an adult, I know what I need to get buy, like filing taxes and not disobeying stop signs. Eight years ago I voted for President Obama because I liked his logo and thought he could deliver. Who knows maybe I was just tired of all the white guys. Yes, I’m white. Does that make me racist? Probably, I think anymore we all are. Welcome to America!

Very early in the primary my husband devoted his alliance to Donald Trump. Trump immediately showed support for coal miners and guess what my husband is. Hilary Clinton went so far as to threaten or promise, however you see it, to shut down all coal production in the beginning of her presidency. Smooth move there Chica! Currently coal supports 174,000 American families, that’s a lot to cut off so early on.

So, job security is the main reason my husband is voting Trump, but it’s not just that.

The Donald

It’s ironically funny to me because, back when Celebrity Apprentice was airing on NBC in 2009, I said then, Donald Trump should run for President. My rationale was we needed a businessman in the white house not a politician. We needed someone who could fix our national debt and bring American jobs back. Here is an obviously intelligent man. You don’t get to a position in life like his without more than an average intelligence. My husband’s other reason for liking Trump is he’s straightforward. He has no filter. My fear is having a President with no filter could get us in hot water when we need a diplomatic kid glove dealing with other nations.

  • Pro Gun
  • Pro Life
  • Can handle his Benjamins
  • Supports new Mommas
  • Likes Pretty Women
  • Pro Coal

Madame Secretary

I’m not sure if this is a logical argument but I haven’t liked her since she kept Bill. In 1995 Bill Clinton was found to have had an affair, and was subsequently impeached from his presidency, with Monica Who-cares-now. I understand every marriage is its own beast and the damage done when one cheats. However, even back then I felt her only reason to stay with him was political. Every decision she has made has not been a family or country focused one, it has been a greed for power, and political one.

One problem she has created for herself by being in the political forefront for so many years is everything she has said is most likely recorded somewhere, somehow, unless of course it was via email. The media loves showing us video of her not so many years ago showing her disapproval of gay marriage yet now she’s whistling the wedding march and saying how she has always supported the LGBT community.

She is Pro Choice and has been quoted as saying an unborn child has no constitutional rights. Here is my weigh on that: to be a natural born American citizen you have to be born on American soil, even if it is an embassy in another country. Therefore, her statement is true. Until the child is born, on American soil, it isn’t an American citizen to have rights. Until this election it had never occurred to me that children had rights. Now, to show just how Old School my parenting is. In my house, my rules are law. They come before local, state, or federal governments. I am the Dictator in the Parker Nation. As a person who works in the Public-school system I can tell you way too many parents forget this but that is another article.

  • Caught in numerous lies
  • Pro Choice
  • Claiming to make college free but not raise taxes
  • Supports Planned Parenthood
  • Doesn’t support Coal

What about this Johnson guy?

The only third party candidate on all ballots in all 50 states is Gary Johnson. To be honest if I could find a direct stand from him on coal he would have my vote locked in. He may be on the fringe of being a hippy with his liberal ideas about less government, but compared to Clinton and Trump who want to regulate everything under the sun, I’ll take it! I’ve watched several interviews thanks to YouTube and I like how he doesn’t sidestep the questions. In an interview on Bill Maher, about energy, he even admitted it was going over his head! Bless his heart! Not sure he was in the States during the last 8 years since he thought coal was at an all-time low due to the free market and not Obama and the EPA. Oh, sweetie, well the good news is as President you can have committees do your thinking for you.

  • As Governor of New Mexico, he not only balanced the budget but had money in the till.
  • On immigration, who better to understand than a guy who lived right there at the border.
  • Not the brightest crayon, but likes all colors and differences.
  • Pro Choice
  • Legalize Marijuana (this right here explains everything about Gary

8th Grade Government Class

Now then let’s take a quick trip back to our 8th grade Government class. We live in a country which is governed by a democracy. Our government has three branches: the Executive (President), Legislative (Congress, writes laws), and Judicial (upholds the laws). When we vote we are not voting for a dictator, we are voting for someone who when presented with ideas from the Senate will sign on the dotted line, therefore making it a law, or veto. What makes this election so important is there are Supreme Court Justice seatings that the next President will need to fill.

” Because federal judges and Supreme Court justices serve for life, a president’s nomination decisions are in many ways his or her most important legacy. Many of these appointments will serve long after a president’s term of office ends. Whether or not the results are a “combination of Justinian, Jesus Christ, and John Marshall,” these choices can have an impact on generations to come.” US History.org

This means we want to vote for someone we can trust to fill those seats! So do we vote for a Liar, a Pothead, or a Loose Cannon? The Donald? Madame Secretary? Or that Other guy? Continue Reading


Humpday Headway – Good Riddance 2015!

It’s been a good week considering it was our first Christmas without my father-in-law. My grief surprisingly stepped completely aside compared to Thanksgiving. Then I found myself feeling guilty because I was not in the throws of tears every five minutes.

I am not a funeral or wedding attender, nor wedding or baby shower goer. It’s just not my thing. I am more a sit and have a cup of tea or coffee with a handful of people. However, this year I went to a record four funerals, and missed two of friends who died too young! Yuck!

On a brighter note my Great niece was born and I am so in love with her!

So, in the mess of holidays, children being home, Husband being off work, and sugar crashes the Shed hasn’t received much attention but I did get a couple projects done which were pure learning experiences.

Here is a blanket I made my G. He is one I babysit. I am his Maymi/ Mimi.

This came about when I found the camo fleece in a remnant ben. It was an odd size so I cut it in half width wise. As you can tell I am an amateur seamstress. 20151216_122141.jpg

I also tend to sew and do crafts the same way I cook. I look at ingredients then make up as I go along. Maybe not the best approach when sewing. The brown material I think is like a jersey knit. It was very stretchy in every direction so every time I tried to sew it to the camo everything would move, thus the puckered look in several places.

So first I sewed a piece of the brown with some interfacing on it for structure, then pinned and sewed it to a larger piece of the brown. It got a few quilt-esk stitches then I folded and ironed the edges in before I stitched for a type of made-up binding.

What I learned

Stretchy fabric doesn’t make good quilting material for a novice.

My machine and I are lovers when we aren’t fighting. I am getting comfortable with my tension and stitches.

Ironing before stitching is priceless.

It may not be pretty but it has a great weight and is a wonderful addition to my G cuddles.

A Polymer First

My sixteen year old son looked at my attempt at Alice and said, “Uh, duh, hers wants a cookie.” No, she is not pretty and nothing I plan on selling to pay the rent! However, the Art Shed is a place to learn, create, and laugh.

What I Learned

Work faster, Polymer clay is a tough clay but if you hold it too long your hot thumb melts your work. (Her back on the second pic)

The clay can be baked more than once so I should have baked her apron on before trying to be a hair stylist.

She is about 3 inches tall, perhaps to gain experience it would be better to work on a bigger scale.

Keep the work surface clean! She ended up with lint looking stuff in a couple areas from my pajama pants. (I’m a classy worker)

Get Inspired

I love surfing though Instagram for photos of Art dolls and clay creatures. In doing this I found Sandra ArteagA. She has an Etsy shop at http://SandraArteagA.etsy.com

My Alice is sure not pretty but maybe one day I can have something as unique and pretty as Sandra makes. Or maybe I will own own of her originals. How cool would that be?!!

Hump Day Head(under water)way

So the week before last I promised a recurring post to show the headway I make on my “studio.” Last week being Thanksgiving the kids were all out of school and the attempt to get to the computer failed.

When I got up this morning I was raring to go! I had a cup of coffee. Actually, I had a pot of coffee! It was Husband’s fault!! Last week we went Christmas shopping for the youngest girls but the first thing in the cart was a new coffee maker. It was the kind with a thermos pot instead of the glass pot. This meant the coffee stayed hot and fresh! It also meant I couldn’t actually see how much I had drank until He got up and wanted a cup. I went to pour and very little came out. No wonder I read that  Little Lama book in under 5 seconds! Made the kids giggle anyway.

I went from too much coffee to a Dr appointment that I walked out of after waiting an hour because he was delivering a baby. Visited my new great-niece at the hospital, brought her brother home with me. Took a nap with 3 toddlers. Got up to one cuddling but then crying because I could not understand what he was wanting. Carried wood in with the kids. Made dinner. Navigated bad behaviors. Helped the stubborn 14 year old with homework. Cried on the inside for not getting to come up for air. Got my Avon order so made my eyes look like Lady Gaga (it is American Horror Story night)

Now here I am listening to a 4 year old sing while typing and my great-nephew climbing up my lap. Ope the 16 year old just walked in from weights and wants cookies. Guess who’s getting another “make them yourself then!” lesson in cooking?!?

Maybe next Wednesday I can at least have my Christmas decorations off my sewing/painting table!


Happy List for Cloudy days

When your Sad     and lonely    and need a helping hand

You can call me       I’ll be there   …….  except I have to get the kids at 3

It seems this is about how it is anymore. We all have friends we know we can rely on but everyone either works full time, is a caregiver, or volunteering to save the world. Meanwhile you just woke up and it feels like someone put concrete in your slippers, the coffee isn’t working, and all you really want to do is go back to bed. But, alas, who shall clean thy King’s socks? Or braid the Princess’s hair? Or prepare the feast?

So sometimes when we get up we are thinking more of shoving the King’s socks down his snoring throat. And sometimes we wake up with a true hatred for Walt Disney and Pixar because thanks to them we have to learn how to do the Elsa braid in under five minutes on two different girls or the bus driver is going to leave without them.  And sometimes, yes sometimes, we just want everyone to figure out for the love of all that is true in the kingdom to be able to pour their own cereal! To accept frozen pizza can be a meal once in a while, and it isn’t necessary to make five course meals everyday!

We could pretend we are the dog, and just sleep all day!

We could pretend we are the dog, and just sleep all day!

A List of my Happy places

  1. Sitting by a crackling fire with the smell of Apple Cinnamon in the air, sipping a cup of hot tea.
  2. Marking things off a To-Do list, sometimes I even write down things I’ve already done so I have something to mark off!
  3. The woods in the Spring and in the Fall, I’m a fair-weather friend to woodland creatures.
  4. Johnny Depp’s arms, sshh, let me have it
  5. Watching a movie with my husband or best friend
  6. Music that makes me dream, cry, dance, or sing loud
  7. Receiving packages in the mail even though I knew they were coming and know what is in them
  8. Walking thru cemeteries alone and thinking about what stories the dead had when alive
  9. The smell of books at the Library
  10. Walking into the craft store