Creativity. Art. Passion. Crafts (eh, no, I don’t like that word. It makes me sound like a Granny)

Sometimes I have so many ideas I think I may have a case of the bi-polar but then I realize no I have a case of the too many kids. Around the time I have an idea for a sculpt, a doll, or a quilt someone needs driven to football practice or picked up from a friend’s house. A million times I have thought if only I had time or space, a place where I could work on my art. Living in a three bedroom house, raising five kids, time and space are almost impossible to find.

We are a blended family. He brought two, I brought three, we had one. Then we gained guardianship of two from one of his original two. I can hear you! No this is not a common core math problem set up using Jerry Springer. It does give you a snapshot of what can feel like living in Grand Central Station for children. In addition to ones we added to our lineage, I babysit for family members. I have dubbed myself the Pied Piper of Children but don’t worry no cliffs ahead! I truly have been in public only to turn around and see that I have gained other children who I then had to return to parents. Fortunately, I found that Mother before she hit panic mode searching for her daughter.

There is a shed on our property that for about four years now I have been asking my husband to let me have. He finally said yes a couple months ago. He sees my crafts and flea market finds as a hoard of junk so relinquishing control of an entire 10×12 foot shed was a big deal for him! I saw his mind fill with images of floor to ceiling worthless items. Unfortunately, about the time I was promised the shed the kids got new bikes that had to go somewhere and he got a leaf blower that needed a home and blah, blah, blah…what about me?!?!

So here we are! In my internet workshop, where we can sip on hot tea, read about how crazy people are painting couches and admire the artist in all of us.

Welcome! Grab some fries or make some tea and stay awhile!

Welcome! Grab some fries or make some tea and stay awhile!


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  1. You surely must be an energetic and wise woman to manage all the “gotta do’s” and work in some fun stuff too. I hope I fit in the “fun stuff” space. Thanks for following. I will come along and see what time brings.


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