Hump Day Headway

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So it isn’t Wednesday you say?

Yes, I did know that, but this is to set a goal. As we all know to set a goal and actually attain it you should tell others and gain support. So starting Wednesday I will have Hump Day Headway.

What shall it entail?

When I started branding my Art Shed it originated from my husband relinquishing control of a had-been chicken coop for me to transform into an art studio. However, he wants nothing to do with it so that means no help cleaning out his mess, hanging shelves, or gaining electricity, which would be nice for heat right about now. So every Wednesday you can look forward to seeing pictures or stories of the life and times as I try to go from disorganized craft hoarder to a bonafide Artist!

For now, enjoy the weekend! I’m going to find this kid some pants! (so he can just take them off again!)


2 thoughts on “Hump Day Headway

  1. Brilliant. Want to know more. Mine is called The Snug. Unfortunately the only snug thing about it is how much ‘stuff’ I`ve got piled into it, so anything else would be a ‘snug fit’

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