Me, me, me, me …. A Tooting of Thy Horn

Welcome to what I hope will become my own little corner of the internet! A place to share creative, artistic ideas and laugh at ourselves along the way. I am a busy Mom to say the least. I had three children, married a man with two older daughters, we had one together, then gained guardianship of two of his grand-daughters. For those of you who love common core math and Jerry Springer that was easy. For the rest of you, I have five in the house currently and babysit two more. So finding time to set up my website, brand my art, and blog has been a goal a year to realize.

My website, is a place for my art to be seen and I don’t really know what else. My purpose is still foggy but I’m rolling it over in my over loaded mind.

One thing I have accomplished, and am quite proud of is branding myself. I’m not much of a twitter-er, but I am active in other social media so first I went thru all my accounts and used my name or my website as a username.

Etsy JenniferParkerArt

eBay JenniferParkerArtShed

Instagram Jennifer.Parker

Facebook Jennifer Parker Art Shed

Then of course I made business cards for passing out at craft shows, flea markets, and Kroger. Ok, maybe not Kroger but having cards made me feel official.

When I went to wordpress I wanted to have both a website and a blog. I want to blog so I can connect with other parents or artists who have a passion but no time. Where do you find it? What has been the best thing for you? It seems our lives just get busier and more hectic and our dreams seem to take the back seat. Why do we do this to ourselves? I know as a Mother, my focus is my children. Their needs, housework, and a serious lack of energy seem to always slow me down in working on my artwork. My Grandfather always told me if I could find the humor in a rough situation it would get easier. Boy, was he ever right! I laugh at myself all the time, and days I don’t laugh at something are usually the days I go to bed more tired and beat down. Live, Laugh, Love…the over used words of fold art that mean so much!


2 thoughts on “Me, me, me, me …. A Tooting of Thy Horn

  1. Wow, you are busy, it sounds like we are in a similar boat with our goals of building our businesses. I’m on Etsy too and also HandmadeArtists., but really want to learn more about setting up an independent web site. You are way ahead on social media use. good going! And I give out my business cards whenever I meet someone who asks what I’ve been doing (store, restaurant, craft shows:)

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    • I’ll have to check out HandmadeArtists. Having the blog is me dipping into the independent website. I am on the free plan now but did get my domain name so we will see. I may upgrade later but for now I am so behind on my business goals.


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